Next Club Meeting


Next ERAS Meeting May 2, 2024

Tom Sturik to present on his Geology

& Chemical Engineering Background


Thursday Evening

Please join us @7pm

at the Independence Library  Independence, VA

Come and learn all about astronomy and share your interests. Our club has a variety of talented people ranging from pure beginners to astronomy experts. Let our seasoned in house astronomy experts teach you the things you want to know about space and learning astronomy.  ALL people are welcome to attend our meetings and or join our club if you want to learn about astronomy and space. Below are some links featuring some of our seasoned astronomers that love to teach beginners as well as advanced astronomers a like.

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Our Solar System

Come learn about our Solar System from our very own club member NASA Ambassador 'Corrie Ann Delgado'.

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Astro - Photos

Learn Astrophotography from club member 'Dave Collings', multiple times published for his deep space images.

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Night Sky Objects

Learn how to find beautiful objects in the night sky from one of our in house experts 'Roger Poe'. I call him the 'Human Sky Chart'.

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Astronomy Ideas

Let two of our awarded 'Master Astronomers' Elaine Osborne' (founder) and 'Mike Neal' V.P. share knowledge and ideas,

Recent Club Member Projects

Please come as our guest for an evening of fun