Membership Information

You do not have to own a telescope, binoculars, or any special equipment to become a member of ERAS.    

You do have to have an interest in Astronomy and the desire to learn more about the Universe we live in.   This is the only ERAS requirement for membership.


Annual Membership Dues:  

$14.00 for adults;  

$11.00 for student 16 or older  

$10.00 for Children under 16 (allowed with parent or guardian in attendance)  

$19.00 for family


Membership Benefits:  

Loaner of telescopes on site  

Observe from Dark Sky Observing Sites  

Learn from experienced amateur astronomers  

Share your knowledge at club meetings  

Attend club picnic, Christmas parties  

Receive free issues of the quarterly Astronomical League Magazine ” Reflector”  

Field trips to Green Bank for radio astronomy, Bob Fest, Tri Star, and more.  

Hear speakers from around the country who present a multitude of astronomy related topics.

We hope you will join us or just come and visit!