Our Solar System

Corrie's Press Release


Corrie Ann Delgado has been selected by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory to serve as a NASA Solar System Ambassador in our region for 2020. This competitive program only accepts applications once per year, which are then vetted by NASA JPL staff for applicants with the right combination of presentation experience, motivation, and ideas for community engagement events. Ambassadors are given exclusive training and educational materials on NASA’s latest missions, milestones, and recent discoveries, from scientists and astronauts, before taking what they have learned and creating engaging events in their local communities.

“I have learned so much in just the last few months. I have direct access to the NASA scientists doing the research. It’s an incredible experience.” Corrie Ann said “My focus this year is on the James Webb Space Telescope that will launch in 2021 and NASA’s efforts to send humans to mars. I really hope to get children excited about science and space, but I would also like to help people, of all ages, understand more about our amazing universe.”

Corrie Ann Delgado, a member of Echo Ridge Astronomy Club and the Astronomical League, has been an amateur astronomer for over 20 years. She has earned awards for her STEM outreach efforts and astrophotography, and is part of Primland’s Observatory team.

Corrie Ann is interested in working with educators and students in area schools to become a local resource for information about space and the stars. She would like to conduct free Solar System Ambassador presentations and activities at libraries, schools and interested groups across in the area.

Corrie Ann can best be reached through the Solar System Ambassador Program at https://solarsystem1.jpl.nasa.gov/ssa/home.cfm, or visit www.wildskyastronomy.com or follow her activities at @WildSkyAstro


Run through the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology, the Solar System Ambassador program is one of NASA’s longest-running volunteer outreach projects. The SSA program of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory offers information and excitement about real missions that explore our solar system. SSA volunteers in communities throughout the country are selected by NASA JPL and trained with educational material.