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Meet Elaine Osborne & Mike Neal,

Elaine and Mike are long time members of ERAS and both have completed the Master Astronomer requirements by the Astronomical League and received their awards.  This is a grueling accomplishment to get through and can take an average of 5 years or more to obtain this award.  It requires much time and dedication for years demonstrating your ability to find objects, understand the sky, identify and describe what you see by your naked eye, binoculars, and various telescopes.  It also requires some sketching and precise documentation.

Elaine is our original club founder of the the Echo Ridge Astronomical Society over 24 years ago.  Elaine has traveled the world participating in many astronomy events.  Elaine has probably met many of the most  important people in astronomy of her time and has learned so much from these people.  She loves to teach others all she has learned and is so proud of our club that has grown and blossomed the last few years.  Elaine’s only request is that this club remain strong and continue to teach astronomy to the community long after she is gone.

Mike Neal is our current club Vice President and extremely active in astronomy.  Mike volunteers his time and teaches astronomy at club meetings throughout the year.  You can find Mike involved in multiple astronomy projects continuously on a weekly basis. He is very much involved in visual work with telescopes as well as astrophotography.  Mike participates at most club events and is always helping people find objects or set up their telescopes. He enjoys all aspects of this hobby and likes to read and learn many new things.  He loves Solar viewing, Comet finding, Lunar viewing, Astrophotography, Asteroids hunting, and Planetary imaging.  He usually makes many of his own adapters and gadgets for his telescopes and accessories.  Mike is not afraid to take on a project that has to be completely made by him saving him money that can be used for other needed purchases with this hobby.