3 Dew Heaters


Hi Everyone,

I am Mike Neal, the current ERAS V.P. and  long time ERAS club member.  I have always wanted to build a 3 channel Dew Heater system so I decided to do it recently for a new telescope I just bought seen below. Also find below the parts I used and a brief description of how I made it.  It only took a couple hours so this can be done by almost anyone that is interested.  If any more details are needed you can contact me directly.

Mike Neal – V.P. ERAS


Project Details

I bought the 3 channel LED dimmer, USB charger, 5.5×2.1 power and RCA jacks on amazon for around $25.

The box and other small parts I had in my junk collection.

I took apart the dimmer, drilled holes in the box to mount everything inside and soldered the connections. It took a couple hours to make it start to finish.

Good Luck and let me know if you all have any questions.  See photos of the original dimmer purchased and the final product after putting it in a nice case.



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