Night Sky Objects

Meet Roger – The human GO TO Sky Chart




Roger Poe is a long time member of ERAS and has been an astronomer for many years.  Most of us refer to Roger as the ‘Human Sky Chart’ or Human GO TO Sky Chart’.  There are good reasons for these nick names.

Roger is an expert at finding objects in the sky without a sky chart or computer.  He has the ability to remember many objects by constellation location and star location in his head!  You can find Roger at a lot of our events for the public and for internal club events finding objects through many telescopes set up with no computer or sky charts.  He will point a laser to the area you need to be to see what you are looking for or give you specific locations by constellations and stars and how many degrees from a known star!  Amazing best describes Roger when he quickly finds objects in the sky in any telescope.

Roger, upon request, will teach the club members several times a year on how to find objects in the sky.  He will bring sky charts demonstrating what needs to be memorized in order to find these objects when you get your telescope set up.  Star hopping and using a Telrad or Finder is also taught by Roger which aides greatly in a successful find of your target.

You can look forward to meeting Roger at our club meetings and learning a lot about the sky and how he finds objects so quickly!